Our Steampunk Style

A golden steampunk ballgown for a Gold Ball (with purchased corset).  Worn once with the intention to be modified to create the Labyrinth Ballgown for Armageddon 2018.

If you like the look of our steampunk style, that's a good start.  Everyone has their own personal style, and sometimes it takes while to fine tune it so that you end up always looking your best.  As an experienced home dressmaker and avid steampunk, over the years I've created many outfits and been asked to help others define their personal style.  Let me know if you need help!  Either sewn from scratch, or using modified op-shopped pieces, I can shop with you to help select materials and create your next outfit.

The Brigadier: in his finest for the Gold Ball 2017.  A plain black op-shop dinner jacket restyled in golden finery with co-ordinating braiding added to trousers and boots. Neglected dress sword given a new lease on life, being polished and dressed in satin and gold braiding.

Above Before: Men's plain black Frock Coat

Below After: Embellished front and back

with gold applique

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