Labyrinth Ballroom duo

Below: Currently In Progress for Armageddon 2018: from the 1986 cult classic "Labyrinth":

Sarah and Jareth the Goblin King at the Ball ... more pics to come, as I progress ...

Grateful thanks to: Google Images and Pinterest for making such great reference pictures available, and ESPECIALLY to Aria,

of Aria, without your generous blog and fabulously detailed pics, my project could have never begun!

Sarah's Dress: Two-piece ensemble made up of many layers: Silver satin, Mint iridescent polyester, Silver lurex mesh, Ivory and metallic Silver chantilly lace and Gold metallic organza, over tulle petticoats and panniers.  The bodice features clusters of beading and sequins in tones of gold, silver, clear crystals, yellow and green.

So, this is what's on my mannequin to date (I am very aware that the ivory and metallic silver chantilly lace is not accurate, but it was the closest I could find with my limited budget.)  I still need to trim up the lace at the hemline and also figure out how to add some more oomph to those panniers; they're not quite wide enough!  The bodice has a great deal more work to be done before I can fit the sleeves: hand-piecing the lace overlay and sewing on those clusters of beading and other trimmings.

I wanted to take a break from the big sewing stuff and decided to have some fun with the small (but equally important) things ...

Sarah's Yellow Flower: for at the top left of her bodice. It's a soft yellowy-gold, so I made mine with two different coloured layers of chiffon to get the right soft shade.  Had to Google how to make a fabric flower - I think it turned out ok ...

Sarah's Mystery Pouch of "Treasures":  We were all wondering what this was and what it represented, but thanks to Aria of Aria Couture, who travelled to the Museum of Popular Culture in Seattle, USA (twice!) to get amazing close up pics to share with us all, we discovered it is filled with coloured stones, crystals, "rocks" and other precious gems, probably as a nod to Sarah's friends Hoggle and Ludo. I had to be a bit freehand with my version as I couldn't get any super closeups on my dinosaur computer!

Sarah's Sleeves: These are a major feature of the dress and are quite extreme, even by 1986 standards.  The two vintage wedding gown patterns I was using as a reference guide were a good basis for upsizing and drafting a dummy version in muslin, to test how it looked and behaved when gathered and filled with tulle puffs.  Then I cut and flatlined all my layers together and will fit them to the bodice after I have finished the lace overlay and beading.

Jareth's Brooch:

Studying the brooch from film and studio pics, I put together something similar from elements I had to hand, some silver beading findings, and black beads, mounted on a white felt base with a brooch pin attached at the back.

Sarah's Necklace:

From the three reference pics at left, this necklace seems to look different in the movie, in the studio shots and again on the mannequin at the Museum of Popular Culture, Seattle, USA.  The beading seems to fall differently each time it's worn and I suspect some nylon or beads may have broken in the most recent viewing, as it's not as tightly clustered as it was in 1986 (indeed, none of us are 30+ years later!) I have never made anything like this before (my jewellery-making skills are relatively basic), but I did study the pics very well and I think my version (a blend of all three styles) turned out ok ... it's very sparkly! 

Next up, Jareth's shirt, trousers and the legendary blue velvet coat with all that beading ... Not enough hours in the day when there is a 9-5 office job to go to and a family to care for as well! :-)

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