As an experienced home dressmaker and avid steampunk, over the years I've created many outfits and been asked to help others define their personal style.  Let me know if you need help!  Either sewn from scratch, or modified op shopped pieces, I can help select materials and personal shop for your next outfit.

Above Before: a nice quality plain black felted low topper, supplied by client

Above centre and right After: Embellished in best steampunk style with a variety of chains and charms, and the obligatory goggles!

Above Before: a nice ivory ladies hat - my client's brief was to "'punk it up a bit, while keeping it genteel in soft pink, lilac and creamy colours"

Above centre and right After: Turned up on one side for some panache, dressed with some ivory veiling, ostrich feathers, coloured buds, and some steampunk bling.

Above Before:  Beautiful quality leather camera bag. Client brief "just make it steampunk - I trust you."

Right After:  He seemed quite pleased!

Above: This client's Kraken brooch was all one colour - I suggested a gilt paint to add depth and contrast - my client chose the background to have the treatment.

Above Before: My client's beret had great sentimental value; she just wanted it 'punked a little so it wouldn't look too out of place with an existing outfit. 

Below After:  A bit of bling, incorporating client's own musical charms, brooch and a flamboyant tulle and feather arrangement on the tail gives it an edgy look .

Above: Lady's Chatelaine designed to incorporate some of the client's own pieces and acquired items plus hand-finished mini flask. 

Left: Custom-made earrings designed in client's colours (above).

I made two designs for her choice.

Above: Custom-made medals designed with client.

Below: Finished items mounted on a pin, ready to wear.

Above: My 5-year-old client's only brief was that her dress was to be "Purple and Light-Red, with Light-Red flowers" ... she seemed pleased.

Above: My client is the lucky owner of this pair of beautiful antique genuine tortoiseshell reading glasses, which over the years had lost its clasp and chain.  I designed a new fitting, using an existing heart-shaped brooch as a base, embellished with pearls, steampunk key, clip and chain, to restore the glasses to a working accessory.

Above Before: plain black vinyl small doctor's bag, from an op=shop.

Below After: Front face and sides restyled with a combination of leatherwork panels, fabric and hardware. 

Above Before: A lovely Victorian theatre costume which was nicely finished,

but not steampunk.

Below After: Sleeves relined with stiffening to give some body, handmade light corset, laceable front and back for flexibility, and a pickups at the front to zush it all up a bit. 

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