Cosplay by Commission

As an experienced home dressmaker, and mother of cosplayers, over the years I've been asked to create a range of costumes.  Let me know if you need help!  Either sewn from scratch, or modified op shopped pieces, I can help select materials and personal shop for your cosplay.

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GOT's Danearys: Handpainted sky blue chiffon over turquoise satin, with handcut gold vinyl belt and shoulders, for Armageddon 2017.

Left:  "Breaking Bad" cosplay trio.


Below Left: Jesse and Mr White snapped with Icarus at Armageddon 2017

Above Outlander's Claire Fraser: Blue corset with cream stomacher and brown cotton skirt over bought panniers and white top, for Armageddon 2017.

Above Right: Claire snapped with Jamie and French "Red Dress Claire" at Armageddon 2017.

Dr Who's Missy: A "fast and dirty" cosplay using an Op-Shop purple suit with added black lace trim, bought white blouse and styled wig.  Not outstanding, but good enough for a casual stroll around Armageddon 2017.

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